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Vacancy at The Associate Academy

Do you want to give your accountancy career a boost and also discover which client package suits you best? Then The Associate Academy at PwC is just the thing for you!

This is what’s involved

The Associate Academy is PwC’s top-class accountancy traineeship. It’s a two-year programme that focuses on your professional and personal development. You’ll have the opportunity to gain experience in various different market sectors, for example start-ups, international companies, and clients in the financial sector. You’ll also be able to specialise in Digital Audits or Sustainability, for example. Your three main activities will be:

  • You’ll familiarise yourself with business processes and systems, review internal control processes, and carry out the year-end audit;

  • Through the varied work at different clients, you’ll learn to look at processes and the creation of financial data from different perspectives;

  • Together with your year group, you’ll take internal training courses, such as soft skills workshops, and you’ll attend innovation and knowledge meetings.

The Associate Academy - tracks

The unique thing about The Associate Academy is that in the course of two years you become familiar with all kinds of different sectors. In addition to the regular programme, The Associate Academy allows you to choose to specialise by following one of the following “tracks”:

  • Sustainability;

  • Digital;

  • Financial Services (FS);

  • Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services (CMAAS).

The Associate Academy - Sustainability (S&RG)

  • Your audit planning will be augmented by Sustainability Assignments, for example non-financial information in the annual report, such as a separate sustainability report or management report (CO2 emissions, employee policy, or plastics reduction);

  • You’ll take specific e-learning and training courses in the area of sustainability reporting.

The Associate Academy - Digital

  • Your audit planning will be augmented by assignments, for example big data, cybersecurity, data privacy, artificial intelligence, and innovative IT management;

  • You’ll work closely with Digital Accelerators – i.e. experienced colleagues specialising in innovation and digitalisation – so that you can help your clients with their digital transformation;

  • Process optimisation by setting up workflows in Alteryx and working with simple IT systems to make work easier, for example:
    - Data analytics: transforming data so as to gain deeper insights (Alteryx);
    - Data visualisation: making data powerful and easy to understand (Power BI, Tableau);
    - RPA: do it once and a robot then does it automatically (UiPath, Blue Prism);
    - Coding: creating instructions for computers (Python, R).

The Associate Academy - Financial Services

  • Your regular audit planning will be augmented by assignments in the financial sector, for example for banks, insurers, pension administrators, and asset managers;

  • You’ll deal with complex valuation issues relating to financial instruments and valuation problems (for example IFRS 9).

The Associate Academy - CMAAS

  • You alternate your audit planning with advisory work within CMAAS;

  • You’ll be trained as a specialist in financial instruments, technical accounting issues, stock-market flotations, and other capital market transactions, working for stock-market-listed and international clients;

  • You’ll take additional training in the field of capital market transactions and accounting advice.

Does this describe you?

You have graduated from an accountancy programme at a research university or a university of applied sciences, or completed a pre-Master’s programme. You also keep close track of developments in your field, are curious by nature, and are ambitious as regards your personal growth. Your command of the Dutch language is at least NT2 B2 level, and you can start working in February or September 2022. To complete the requirements, you also display the following characteristics:

  • You consider integrity to be an important value that you strive for;

  • You’re a genuine team player;

  • You’re enterprising and proactive.

What are we offering?

Your career is exactly that: yours. Youmake the decisions, and we offer you the opportunities to get the best out of yourself, to help build trust in society and contribute to solving important problems. We’ll coach you closely every step of the way, but always give you plenty of room to pursue your own ambitions and make your own choices. You’ll have access to a worldwide network and you’ll share your knowledge, ideas and questions with the best professionals in your field and other disciplines. You’re appreciated for who you are and what you do, in an inspiring, inclusive and respectful working environment with pleasant colleagues. You can also count on the following:

  • An excellent opportunity to sample various different sectors and discover your preferences;

  • A Master’s or post-Master’s programme (RA) paid for by PwC and an intensive training programme;

  • Activity Based Working: work flexibly at the client’s premises, from home, and at the office;

  • Enjoyable informal activities, including drinks get-togethers, a Christmas party, and a skiing weekend. (During the Covid-19 pandemic, you can count on online events);

  • Opportunities to receive training and work abroad;

  • An attractive starting salary, bonus, and overtime arrangements;

  • 30 days holiday leave, a lease car of your choice, a laptop, and an iPhone;

  • An appointments-free afternoon each week;

  • A well-being budget of EUR 1000, i.e. a personal budget of EUR 1000 that you can spend on your health, for example on an Apple Watch, sports, lifestyle coaching, or wellness, but also on a second computer screen for your home office or noise-cancelling headphones.

Getting down to work at PwC

If all this gets you enthusiastic, then let us have your CV and a covering letter explaining why you’re applying and why you’re the right person for this position. If you’re interested in one of the tracks, make sure you say so in your letter. Click the red application button to secure yourself a place at The Associate Academy! After we’ve received your application:

  • You’ll immediately receive confirmation in your inbox;

  • We’ll contact you within two weeks for a short introductory meeting;

  • If everyone is enthusiastic, then we’ll schedule a (digital) appointment and an online assessment.

For more information about The Associate Academy, don’t hesitate to contact Fleur, Hester or Patrick (by phone, e-mail, or WhatsApp).

Fleur Snouckaert (Amsterdam)

·         +31 (0)6-43 29 97 45


Hester Korenhof (Groningen, Zwolle, Utrecht)

·         +31 (0)6- 34 19 67 22


Patrick Aarnoudse (Rotterdam, Breda, Maastricht, Eindhoven)

·         +31 (0)6-38 18 47 52


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