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About Photon Captital

Photon Capital is a private equity fund that invests in digital infrastructure in Europe, with a focus on datacenters. The digital economy is growing rapidly and that requires quality investments in the infrastructure supporting that growth.

People around the world are more and more dependent on data traffic for their day-to-day life. Every day we use Whatsapp to communicate; we watch Netflix to relax at any time we want; we listen to Spotify when we are travelling; and we save all our photos in the cloud. This results in an ever increasing stream of data with more devices connected every day. At the heart of this data explosion and supporting the digital infrastructure are datacenters, the digital factories of the 21st century. They are connected with fiber optic cables to move the data from datacenters to end-users. Photon Capital invests in this digital infrastructure to fuel the growth of the digital economy by acquiring datacenter companies, building new datacenters at strategic locations and investing in fiber infrastructure.

You can be a part of our M&A team and help us look for strong investment opportunities across Europe. We are offering a 4-6 month internship, providing you a position in our investment team with exposure to most aspects of private equity. 

Are you interested? Have a look at our vacancy and apply.

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