FSG Masterclass

Date:  Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Ever wondered how businesses do their negotiating? Or how you should present yourself in a business climate? Sign up for the FSG Masterclass to develop these skills!

The FSG Masterclass takes place once every academic semester. The upcoming event will take place Wednesday the 20th of October. The theme of the next Masterclass will be about: presentation and negotiation skills! This Masterclass is divided into two parts. In the first part you will learn how to improve your presentation skills for various situations. In the second part, a speaker from IBM will tell everything about the negotiation cycle. Afterwards there is a chance for some networking while having some free drinks!

At the event we will work with 'Testen voor Toegang'. This means that you must be in possession of a corona certificate. If you do not have a vaccination or recovery certificate, you will have to test in advance!

Interested? Sign up before October 20, 17:00! If you have any questions please send a mail to masterclass@fsgroningen.nl.

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FSG Masterclass