Accountancy Day Committee

Are you interested in Accountancy? The Accountancy Day is a great way for second- and third-year students to come in contact with accountancy firms from the area of Groningen. The Accountancy Day will take place in Februari and will be a one day event in the area of Groningen. During this day, there will be different workshops and informal activities to get a better image of the accountancy world and what working in the accountancy sector is like.

As one of the committee members you will acquire experience in approaching potential participating companies, make sure all the logistic tasks are fulfilled, and recruit participants for the Accountancy Day. Furthermore, it is the perfect opportunity for you to come in contact with the accountancy firms!

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Workload 3 Hours
Language Dutch
Recruitment Period September
Period September - April

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  • Inge van der Laan

  • Teun Koning ter Heege

  • Stan Kleinlugtenbeld

  • Max Krabbe

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Accountancy Day Committee