Investment Team Board

Investment Team
The Investment Team consists of 50 ambitious students who have an affinity with the financial world and a profound interest in investing. Each student invests an amount to take a position in the investment portfolio. With a joint investment capital of more than €20.000 we are able to manage a diversified portfolio comprised of equities, derivatives and other financial instruments. 

The primary goal of the Investment Team is to increase understanding of investing and complex financial instruments. Each meeting contains a macroeconomic update and an educative element to increase knowledge of our team members. The secondary goal is to maximise investment return by anticipating new market developments. The AEX and the MSCI World Index serve as our benchmark. 

Investment Team Board
As one of the Investment Team Board Members you are responsible for all of the logistics around the meetings, such as: the macroeconomics updates and management of the Investment Team's investment portfolio, organising all of the meetings. Next to this, you also will be in contact with the partners of the FSG Investment Team to organize multiple Inhouse Tours.

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Workload 5 Hours
Language English
Recruitment Period March
Period March - Februari

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  • Urga Orlando Bonsel

  • Márton Ligeti

  • Vincent Walinga

  • Tintin Tobias Bobeldijk

  • Thijme Plomp

  • Eolann Whyte

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Investment Team Board