London Banking Tour Committee

*This committee is open for Dutch speaking students only

The London Banking Tour is a three day tour in London. During this tour participants will visit prestigious financial institutions, in previous years these were companies such as: Goldman Sachs, Citibank, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

The London banking Tour is one of the most challenging committees of FSG and therefore it is a good way to develop yourself. Together with your committee members you are responsible for the contact with (potential) partners in London, but also the recruitment of suitable participants. Are you interested in the London financial sector and would you like to come into direct contact with financial institutions in London? Do you want to gain international experience, expand your network and prepare your future career? Then apply for the London Banking Tour Committee.

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Workload 8 Hours
Language Dutch/English
Recruitment Period September
Period September - October

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  • Maria Vernillo

  • Riemer Posthumus

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London Banking Tour Committee