Dutch Banking Tour Committee

*This committee is open for Dutch speaking students only

The Dutch Banking Tour is a multiple day inhouse tour in the Randstad, during which a group of 25 highly motivated students will visit multiple financial institutions. This tour will take place in March. The students will be introduced to the participating companies by the means of workshops, company presentations and in addition, there are also opportunities for informal socials, lunches and dinners.

Organising the Dutch Banking Tour will give you the opportunity to develop yourself both socially and professionally. For this tour you will be in touch with various financial insitutions in the Netherlands. This makes it a great way to get a closer look at the banking world of the Netherlands.

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Workload 5 Hours
Language Dutch
Recruitment Period September
Period September - April

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  • Misha Laitenu

  • sjoerd beltman

  • Gjalt Folkertsma

  • Mara Hester

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Dutch Banking Tour Committee