Accountancy Tour Utrecht

The Accountancy Tour Utrecht is a three day long inhouse tour in Utrecht in May. During the Accountancy Tour Amsterdam, participants will take a look into the world of the small to medium auditing firms in an interactive way. This year will be the first Accountancy Tour in Utrecht. The companies will present themselves through cases, lectures, dinners and other activities. Students will experience the different atmospheres within the companies, and have the opportunity to gain valuable contacts for future employment of internships.

Committee members will get the opportunity to develop their organisational skills, as well as getting in touch with many auditing firms. A unique opportunity!

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Workload 3-5 Hours
Language Dutch
Recruitment Period September
Period September - May

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  • Ilona Hofstra

  • Lynn Bouma

  • Hein Laseur

  • Max Bonhof

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Accountancy Tour Utrecht