Sofie Hatenboer

Rick van den Berg

Hi everyone! My name is Sofie Hatenboer and I am 20 years old. I was raised in Burgum, a small town in Friesland. This year I’m the Vice-Chairman of the FSG Board. Currently, I am in the final phase of the BSc Business Administration – Accountancy & Controlling. Since 2020 I have been living in Groningen. During my first year, I joined the FSG Activity Committee and the A&C Society. After that, I held the position of Chairman in the Conference Committee. In my spare time, I like to play tennis and have a drink with friends. The association offers a lot of formal and informal events, which for me, is the perfect opportunity to develop my personal skills on a professional level and still have an amazing time with friends.

Together with the Chairman you are responsible for the strategy. The annual policy, made by you and the other board members at the start of your board year, is part of the association’s strategy. Furthermore, you have to think about where the association should be in a couple of years. Moreover, you are responsible for analysing opportunities to set-up new events throughout the year. By being responsible for the strategic side, you learn to make long term decisions.

As the Vice-Chairman you are also responsible for around one-third of the partners of FSG, for who you will be the contact person. You must handle everything professionally. The companies are very important for FSG and together with the External Relations of the Board, you must make sure everything is in accordance with the partners. Next to that, you will be going on company visits in the summer. These company visits are aimed at strengthening ties with the partners but are also great for your personal development.

The contact with the companies helps you during the Career Support, another responsibility for the Vice-Chairman. If students want help with orientating, getting in contact with companies or want to prepare for after their studies, they can ask you for help. Of course, this also helps for your own career orientation.

The Vice-Chairman is also the sustainability officer of the FSG Board. This entails that you play a crucial role in promoting and implementing sustainable practices within the organisation. For example, supporting and facilitating sustainable initiatives, raise awareness among members about the importance of sustainability and identify areas where FSG can improve its environmental sustainability.  

This year, I guide a lot of committees, such as the Accountancy Tour Amsterdam, International Financial Program, Accountancy Day, Dutch Banking Tour and the Accountancy & Controlling Society. On top of that I am responsible for the Real Estate Day and I have a seat in the Supervisory Board of the Expedition Strategy. This makes doing a Board year even more challenging. Every committee has its own strengths and challenges, which can be a lot of fun. During these events you can also see a lot of the companies you are in contact with.

Interested and/or do you have more questions about the position of Vice-Chairman within FSG? Don’t hesitate to contact me by sending an email to