Selien Brandse

Selien Brandse

Hi, my name is Selien Brandse, 21 years old and born and raised in Markelo. I am the Secretary of the FSG 2021-2022 board. In my spare time, I like to play tennis at TAM. Currently, I am in my third year of my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with the track Accountancy & Controlling. In the past three years, I did various committees at different associations. Last year I joined FSG, because I wanted to get to know more people and to get in touch with different companies. I really enjoyed all of these committees. By doing committees I have learned a lot of the social aspect and I have developed and gained knowledge about different things of my career. In my board year, I want to continue to develop my soft- and hard skills.

As a secretary I am responsible for all external communication of the association. This can be seen in the increasing amount of digital communication as well as in written communication. As secretary, I am responsible for the mailings to students and planning activities. Every month I send the FSG Newsletter to keep all members informed about FSG Events and other news concerning FSG.

Furthermore, I play an important role in providing the students with information from the business world. Together with the external relations of the board I'll bring vacancies and other opportunities of relevant companies, to the attention of students. Another task is to keep the website up to date and the responsibility for the FSG Journal. This means that I work closely together with the committee members of the FSG Journal Committee. With all correspondence, I monitor the usage of the FSG Corporate Identity.

Finally, I am responsible for the member administration and maintaining contact with former members of FSG, the FSG Alumni.

In short, as a secretary you have a very diverse task package and you will work with all your fellow board members on many areas. Next to your personal tasks and responsibilities you will be, together with your fellow board members, responsible for the daily management of the association and you will guide several committees.

Are you interested in becoming the next secretary of the FSG Board? Do you want to hear personal experiences of the current secretary or do you have any other questions? Please contact Selien Brandse by sending an email to