Bart van Rijn

Stijn van Poelje

Hi, my name is Bart van Rijn. I'm  20 years old and born in Almelo, a town in Overijssel. I am the Treasurer of the FSG Board 2023-2024. In addition, I am currently doing a Bsc degree Business Administration, following the Accountancy & Controlling track. In addition to my studies, I like to do outdoor sports and hang out with friends.

The treasurer of FSG is responsible for the financial part of the association. The first thing you do as the new treasurer is prepare the budget for the coming year. This is an important task that is connected with the general policy. Together with the other board members, you have to think about the costs that will change according to the plans of your policy

During the year, you are responsible for all cash flows of the association. On the one hand, you will handle the financial settlement of the contracts closed by the external relations of the board. On the other hand, you will be in charge of all outgoing cash flows. You will decide on payments made by the association. You are responsible for big amounts of money and therefore the position of treasurer is sometimes hard but challenging. Next to the cash flows, you will keep close contacts with the treasurers of the committees. With them you will discuss budgets and costs. In order to do so, you have to be strong and communicative. In the end, when deciding on financial choices your opinion plays an important role.

Before the (half-yearly) general members meeting you are responsible for preparing the financial report. This report is first shown to the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee. After they have checked the report, you show the financial report at the general members meeting for approval.
For the role of treasurer, you need to have a thick skin. You should not be afraid to speak up and to give your opinion, so good communication skills are necessary. Also, you need to be able to handle the great responsibility you have as the treasurer of the board. Are you interested or do you want to know more about becoming the treasurer? Contact Bart van Rijn by sending an email to