Active Membership

Are you looking for a challenging and exciting time? Do you fancy organising amazing events together with fellow students? Then apply for one of the many FSG Committees!

Become Active!

Being a part of a committee is a valuable addition to your student life. As an Active Member, you will support or organise one of the various events of FSG. You will develop social and professional skills during your active membership period that you will not learn in your lecture hall. 

How to apply

  • Orientation
    Before applying for a committee, it is very useful to plan a coffee date with one of the board members first. In this informal setting, you will get to know all about the committees and all that come with it. A good way to find out which committee suits you best! You can simply plan this coffee date by filling in this form or by sending an email to
  • Resume and motivation letter
    Send your resume and a motivation letter before the deadline of the recruitment period to If you apply for a specific position, please mention this as well. It is also possible to apply for more than one committee. You can send your resume and motivation letter in Dutch or English.
  • Interview
    Once we receive your application, we will invite you for an interview. It will be held with two of the board members. It will be in either Dutch or English, according to your preference.
  • Selection
    Based on the interviews, resumes and motivation letters, the new active members will be picked. At the date mentioned in your interview, we will contact you to inform you whether you have been selected.

More Information

Information Booklet


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