Career Support

Are you almost finished with your Bachelor or Master Degree and looking for your next challenge? On the FSG Career Page you can find numerous opportunities to take on during or after your studies. In cooperation with our business partners, we offer a broad range of relevant vacancies, activities and other facilities.

  • Career Consults

    Plan a meeting with one of us, where you will learn about many great career opportunities.

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    Career Consults
  • Career Guides

    The Career Guides help you to get a better understanding of which jobs are available to you when you graduate.

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    Career Guides
  • FSG Ambassadors

    Get in contact with FSG Ambassadors, old FSG Members who already have a job. They hold valuable knowledge on how to land your dream job.

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    FSG Ambassadors
  • Vacancies

    FSG offers an extensive database of all available relevant vacancies from FSG Partners.

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  • E-Assessments

    FSG offers the possibility to train your e-assessments for free. 

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