Active Member's Masterclass

On Wednesday 18th May, Drs. Jerryt van den Born RC will be giving a workshop about your “strengths”. Why would you put effort into developing your weaknesses if you can get way more enjoyment and results from playing your strengths? The first question that we will be answering during this evening: what are your strengths? Because research showed there are 34 unique strengths, but every individual has their unique combination! This information can help you in your career to make a better fit between you and a (project)team.

About the facilitator

Jerryt studied Finance at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and finished his Executive Master of Finance and Control in 2008 at the RUG. His first job was as a controller at DUO, which ended with him being the finance manager for the tender of the new office building that is now part of the skyline of Groningen. After that, he worked for eight years as a finance consultant at Deloitte. For the last five years, he has worked as an entrepreneur, and he is part of the coöperatie “Het Zuiderlicht”, a consultancy firm in Groningen. He was the organiser of, and his clients are the finance directors of the prominent organisations of the North.

This event is only open to active members of FSG. 

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