Investment and Accountancy Evening

Every year, FSG organises 4 Investment Evenings, of which two are also Accountancy Evenings. Each evening a different theme will be discussed and presented by a speaker from the financial world. For students, it is the perfect opportunity to get to know more about either the investment or the accountancy world. Both presentations happen simultaneously and traditionally, these evenings are concluded with a social where the first drinks are on FSG!

For the upcoming Investment & Accountancy Evening on October 17th, the IAE committee is honoured to have Siebren de Jong as speaker on the accountancy evening and Victor and Reinder as speakers for the investment evening.

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the closed doors at Kapteynborg building near the foodcourt? Siebren de Jong is a register controller (RC) who works there at SRON and is going to tell us how they are literally sending millions into space. This is because SRON is the Netherlands institute for space research that develops and uses innovative technology. Their focus is mainly on Earth science, astrophysical and planetary research.

Always been curious about decisions being made concerning Venture Capital? Victor and Reinder Lubbers, brothers, inspire entrepreneurs to take their next step in the development process. Both working at renewing investment companies. Victor works at RocketCapital, which focuses on scalable companies, giving opportunities regarding growth, ambition and reaching the highest potential. Reinder is the founder of No Such Ventures, a Venture Capital fund, focusing on technology scale-ups globally. With both men having lots of experience inspiring entrepreneurs, they can be the perfect match to inspire you!

The evening will be taking place at Van Swinderen Huis. You’ll be welcome from 19:00. We will begin at 19:30 and will end at approximately 20:45/21:00 with free drinks and snacks!

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