MAC Society

Are you studying the pre-master or master Management Accounting and Control? The MAC Society is a great way for students of the same study to get to know each other, as each Society Committee organises at least four (in)formal activities per year. On top of that, each Society has its own Whatsapp Group, where students can keep in touch with each other, ask questions and can see when the next Society Activity is. 

This activity will be a study start activity. This way you can get to know your fellow students in an informal way. The activity will start at 20:00 and will last till 22:00. After the activity, you can join the Beginning Of The Year Party, to kick off your study year with an amazing party! There will be free drinks during the whole party, and during 22:00 and 23:00 there will be a Happy Hour with unlimited liquor as well!

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