Financial Talks

On Monday, November 27th, the second edition of Financial Talks will take place! Financial Talks is inspired by the well-known Ted Talks; the aim of the evening is to gain insight into developments in the financial sector.

The theme of the evening will be: Innovative Frontiers: monetising your personal digital data and scaling business through venture capital. Our first speaker, Cor Jan Dasselaar, will share his expertise about the digital wallet and how this is being worked on at European level. Afterwards, our second speakers, Victor & Reinder Lubbers, will share their knowledge in the field of Venture Capital & investment cycles. How do you convince investors to invest in a company and what happens after an investment? You will have an answer to these questions afterwards. 

This evening, the doors will open at 18:30, and the evening will start at 18:45. We will end the evening with some drinks at 22:00. 

The deadline for signing up is Sunday, November 26, 23:59! 

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