Social Responsibility

FSG values the importance of social responsibility and as a study association FSG considers it important to give a good example. This is why the association will actively look for opportunities throughout the year to become more sustainable. Next to sustainability, diversity and inclusion are also important. To create awareness amongst its members, FSG uses all available promotion channels. To ensure social responsibility stays on the FSG agenda, each year a board member is made responsible.

For the efforts made, FSG has received the Bronze label of the University of Groningen Green Office.

Social Responsibility within FSG

At FSG, we strive to handle waste as sustainably as possible. This is done by reusing, recycling and reducing waste as much as we can. All waste is separated, and paper use is heavily reduced. If there are leftovers, these are brought to ‘De voedselbank’ and materials are recycled.

At FSG, we value all students of the University of Groningen. To serve all members as good as possible, all external communication is done in English. This ensures that all  members are updated and nobody is excluded. Next to that, FSG strives to have as many events and committees as possible available for non Dutch-speaking students.


Furthermore, FSG strives to get sustainable partners as well. Therefore, FSG creates the bridge from students to companies where they can feel at home with their sustainable ambitions. These partners get a special place at our website amongst the vacancies. We value sustainable partners and therefore want to create a platform for sustainable companies, where they can promote their vacancies at our website.

Sustainable Vacancies

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