SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production

FSG buys only the necessary amount of food and drink during events to reduce waste. Any leftover food is given to members who can benefit from it, and we encourage all members to avoid wasting food and drinks. During the FSG Conference, we purchased fewer sandwiches than there were people, as we knew not all participants would show up. This reduced waste significantly. As FSG, we have committed to only buying sustainable gadgets. When our internal relations wants to purchase new goodies for promotion or our active members this is discussed during our weekly meeting. Also, our sustainability officer makes sure that before a goodie is purchased, the goodie is sustainable. To promote our activities and events, we use reusable posters and hand out our sustainable goodies. We make sure to only give goodies to people that are asking for it, so that they won’t be thrown away and thus wasted. The clothes that are purchased are long sleeves for the Board and Active Members. These long sleeves were bought sustainable and printed sustainable at Stricters. This is a sustainable clothing brand that only sells clothes made of organic fabrics and that are ethically made. They also compensate for their CO2-emission. The 100% organic fabric of the longsleeve is of good quality and lasts a long time. The longsleeve is produced completely CO2 neutral and is made under fair and safe working conditions.


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