SDG 3 Good health and well-being

FSG places great importance on the mental well-being of its members. The FSG board maintains a close relationship with its active members. To support its members, FSG has appointed two confidential advisors who are available for one-on-one meetings. In this way we want to make sure that everybody feels free to come to our internal confidential officer and/or our external confidential officer. FSG promotes these Confidential Advisors on the FSG website

Additionally, the FSG Board 2024-2025 is planning to organise a new activity focused on encouraging studying during exam periods. Therefore, the FSG Board 2024-2025 intends to organise Lunch & Learn days for its members in the period leading up to the exams. This event motivates members to study together in a room provided by the FSG Board 2024-2025. By organising an informal lunch during the day, students get the chance to connect with each other while taking a study break.

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