SDG 5 Gender equality

At FSG, we proudly uphold the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion. Our commitment extends to ensuring that women are not subject to discrimination in any aspect of their participation within the association.

We believe that fostering an environment where all individuals, regardless of gender, feel respected and valued is essential for the success and vibrancy of our association. Women play integral roles in shaping the future of the financial industry, and we recognize their contributions. 

To promote gender equality, the FSG board 2024-2025 organised a networking event exclusively for women in the financial sector, aiming to foster connections and support among female professionals and students in the field. This event created the opportunity for women to strengthen their networks, discuss industry trends, and exchange insights in a collaborative and supportive environment. By emphasising community and mutual support, the FSG Board 2024-2025 wants to highlight the significance of advancing women's roles in the financial sector.

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