SDG 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

To reduce travel, FSG arranges Tours instead of individual in-house days. These Tours typically involve visiting multiple companies within a three-day period, this limits the amount of travel between Groningen and Amsterdam. When travelling to Amsterdam, FSG utilises public transportation, which is via the NS. The NS is a leader in sustainable mobility. Once in Amsterdam, FSG uses public transportation. 

The FSG Board uses public transportation when a meeting is scheduled in Amsterdam or Utrecht. We make sure to consider scheduling an online meeting, but sometimes travelling is necessary. By using public transportation, we try to be as sustainable as possible.

Further, FSG organises the international financial program. Last year, the FSG Board wanted to compensate for their pollution. This year they did this by investing the amount of money needed to compensate for their flight and invested this in local initiatives. FSG is actively involved in pioneering sustainable innovation and consistently explores and implements innovative approaches, practices, and initiatives aimed at fostering sustainability within the financial sector. By staying abreast of the latest trends and developments in sustainable finance, FSG not only promotes awareness but also actively engages in creating novel strategies and programs that prioritise ethical, environmental, and social considerations. 

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