International Members

FSG highly values her international members. When you become an FSG Member, you can enrol for the events we organise. Furthermore, you will monthly receive our newsletter, which contains an update on our events as well as interesting vacancies and financial insights from our Journal. 

Unfortunately, some vacancies are only open for Dutch-speaking students, therefore you can choose between Dutch and English language on our Vacancy Page. Moreover, there are companies that only recruit Dutch-speaking students, which results in the fact that not every event is open to all students. We want you to be aware of this fact to avoid disappointment. The events that are open for non-Dutch speaking students are:

- Financial Talks
- Conference
- Dutch Banking Tour
- Investment Team
- Journal(committee)
- FAC Activities
- International Finance Tour
- Society Activities
- And, of course, our monthly Socials!

If you want more information, please contact, and we are happy to discuss this topic with you.

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International Students